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Oil and Gas Investor Article - June 2017

Rediscovering Michigan - Core Energy has found the way to more oil in the northern state via EOR and exploration in the Niagaran reefs.

In the early 1970s, Michigan's hydrocarbon production advanced thanks to the discovery of the Niagaran Reef trend. A vast amount of oil and gas were trapped in the reefs,which were formed along the edges of a sea that once covered the state of Michigan during the Silurian period.


Northern Michigan company implements new technology to produce oil

WPBN/WGTU — OTSEGO CO.-- Traverse City Oil Company, Core Energy, has begun implementing CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in Otsego County.

The technology uses Carbon Dioxide to extract oil from fields that were otherwise depleted.  Core Energy's President and CEO Bob Mannes says the process is expected...Read more


CORE Energy LLC Implements CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery on its 9th Well in Michigan - MRCSP, January 2016

MRSCP Research Partner and site host Core Energy continues to expand its operations and has recently begun a CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery project in a new depleted oil field. Core Energy. This newest oil field is expected to produce another 1 million barrels of oil over a 10-year period, thus increasing oil production by over 33% in this mature field. Carbon dioxide used for the project comes from... Read more


Energy project to revive mature oil field, collect millions of barrels of oil - Gaylord Herald Times, January 2016

BAGLEY TWP. — Action has picked up once again at a mature oil field in Bagley Township in an effort project leaders say will collect more than a million gallons of additional oil.








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